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Dissociative Identity Disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis which describes a state where a person shows multiple identity or personality each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. DID was previously known as multiple personality disorder. In the year 1994, the American Psychiatric Association named it Dissociative Disorder.

In Dissociative Disorder a person has more than one personality. A person suffering from DID has got no control over his multiple personalities. These personalities have the ability to control the person and make them do things that they don’t remember or that they wouldn’t do it normal circumstances. A person suffering from DID would not recognize which personality has taken control over him. It is believed that DID is often caused by childhood sex abuse. This child abuse is almost un tolerable so much so that the person forgets these events and develops another personality to remember the abuse.

DID can also be a result of early mental stress which is again due to some sort of child abuse. This stress reveals the personality within the person and so the stress does not have to be dealt with. When some has DID they get confound. They do not realise what they have done and or with whom. It is believed that there are early symptoms of DID but they are often mistaken for other mental disorders like schizophrenia, manic-depression and post- traumatic stress syndrome. DID patients would talk to themselves and when asked about don’t remember doing so. A child suffering from DID would have imaginary friends or environments within his mind. Children’s suffering from DID would sometimes fail to remember their own friends which shows that they have taken anyone else’s identity at that time. There is also a lack of diagnosis among children’s; there were only 9 reported cases in the year 1990.

The most horrible part of DID is that during adolescence, a person suffering from DID can often exhibit signs bi-polar disorder, insomnia drugs abuse, suicide threats and attacks and even violent  panic attacks. When a teenager exhibits such signs, DID is not the first diagnosis to be explored, rather, it is blamed on hormones and drug abuse. These things can only magnify DID not calm it.


Causes and Remedies of DID

According to a survey majority of Dissociative Identity Disorder patients are women. As we know the main reason behind DID is the trauma or abuse a patient undergoes during his childhood. A child who has gone through severe trauma, such as a major accident, or has had the experience of being mentally, physically or sexually abused may develop this ailment. This happens because the impressionable psyche of the child finds it too unbearable to withstand the mental stress caused by such disturbing experiences. As defence mechanism, the ego dissociates itself from the traumatic experience and assumes several other forms that manifest themselves as the different alters. Thus, the best way to treat DID is through sessions of hypnosis that help the alter egos interact with one another and thereby gradually reconcile with the individual’s primary personality.


Nostradamus wrote:

In the year 1999, in the seventh month, 
from the sky will come the great King of Terror, 
bringing back to life the great King of the Mongols. 
Before and after, Mars to reign by good fortune.

Let’s Analyze this prediction

First and foremost the prediction of date itself is a big question. Nostradamus predicted the year to be 1999 which is two years prior to the incident. But Nostradamus followers have explained it in this way. They say that prediction made that early cannot be exact and that Nostradamus was writing mostly in Anagrams ( a word, phrase or sentence formed from another by rearranging it’s letter, for example “Angel” is an anagra of glean). If we just reverse the order of “1″ and “9″ we get 9-11-9 which infact is the date of terrorist attack.

Even more frightening is the following quatrain. 
Earth-shaking fire from the center of the earth. 
will cause the towers around the New City to shake, 
Two great rocks for a long time will make war, 
And then Arethusa (a ship) will color a new river red. 
(Century 1, Quatrain 87) 

This quatrant is weaker but the mention of New Cityperhaps  might be Newyork. And two towers mentioned must be twin towers. Artherus is said to be an event described Anagram which we have yet to see or it might be related to war on Iraq.

Thus I feel this prediction cannot be trusted upon as the statement described are not exactly the same but it’s totally imaginary.


Becoming a Mother of a child is a dream of every woman. A mother should be fair to her children’s. Fair in the sense that she should make sure that her child is breast fed for at least 1 year after birth, which I feel is a birth long right of a child. If possible she can even go further else 1 year is the least period that a baby should be breast fed. In recent years breast feeding is on a decline which might be because of lack of time for mother’s or the mental trauma among women that breast feeding a child for a long period will make them look awkward or ugly.

Women who work on regular basis say they cannot continue to breast feed their baby due to lack of time. They are quoted saying, “ As long as we are in maternity leave we see to it that our baby is breast fed but when the maternity leave is over we have no choice left and we switch on to bottle feed.

Breast Milk in many has no substitutes. Manufacturers of bottle milks do claim that bottle milks are equally nutritional to breast milk but it can never be a substitute to breast milk. Breast milk contains over four hundred nutrients which cannot be recreated in Laboratory. These nutrients are essentials to healthy production and growth of baby. Breast milk also contains a nutrient that increases the immunity in babies. The composition of calorie, proteins and carbohydrates do increase in breast milk as the baby grows up in order to meet the nutritional needs of a baby. Breast milk is also sterilized by bacteria and is easier for the infant’s stomach to digest. It has been proved that infants who have been breast fed for at least 8 months are less vulnerable to these diseases.

® Crohn’s diseases.

® Bacterial diseases.

® Illness relating to respiration.

® Diarrheal diseases

® Childhood cancers

® Diabetes

® Obesity

® Infant botulism


® Cavities

There is also a social problem relating to breast feeding. Breast feeding in public areas is not considered as a good thing. This is because women’s breasts are seen as an erotic symbol by a man. They feel breast is for the sake of their enjoyment but not as a medium of nourishment to infants. When people see a women breast feeding in public areas their reaction is very awkward and sinful because the society we live in has developed our brain to think breast as a sexual organ rather than reproductive.  This tendency of not using women breast as infant nourishment has to be reversed.

Time and again different government and non-government organization organize breast feeding promotional campaign where hundreds and thousands of infants are breast fed by their mother in an open environment. Campaign like this would help raise the awareness upon general public and every child would grow upon his mother’s milk rather than chemically formed bottled milk.

Chemical composition of breast milk is:-



total (g/100 ml)


fatty acids – length 8C (% )


polyunsaturated fatty acids (%)


Protein (g/100 ml)



casein 0.4












serum albumin




Carbohydrate (g/100 ml)





Minerals (g/100 ml)












There are many bottle milk manufacturers around but not even a single brand has the composition similar to it. Hence I have my money on breast milk.

This is my first blog and how are you?

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There is a noticeable difference in opinion of driving/racing games, in that you either love them or you find them incredibly boring. Frustratingly, I used to think the first one, but as time went on and games progressed, it moved on to the second choice. I quickly found myself disappointed with the driving games on offer today and pretty much gave up on the genre itself.

Initially, racing games were little more than a few white pixels on a black background but they gradually evolved into cartoonish yet realistic portrayals up to intensely realistic graphics that even resemble real life Just look at these side-by-shots and guess which ones are which…

From Project Gotham Racing 4 – Courtesy of GameTrailers Forums

So how did we get here? Obviously, game developers didn’t just suddenly dream up Mario Kart or Forza without taking heaps of inspiration from early iterations, but where exactly did these ideas come from?

It was 1973 and amongst an incredibly sparse video game market, a jukebox lease company called Taito, who would later go on to create the seminal Space Invaders, created an arcade machine game called ‘Astro Race’. Annoyingly, I haven’t been able to find a great deal of information about this game, save for a few photos of the machine cabinet and some paperwork, but really it doesn’t reveal anything about the game. If you have any photos, footage or descriptions of the game, then please feel free to comment so I can find out more!

Courtesy of Arcade-Museum.com

Taito then released Speed Race in 1974 and it proved to be far more popular and influential in the gaming industry. Incorporating collision detection, scrolling graphics and a driving interface (arcade steering wheel, pedal and gearstick), this was widely considered to be the first ‘arcade driving game’.
Other companies such as Nintendo and Atari would quickly follow suit by releasing their own racing games, such as a horse-racing simulation game. In 1976, Sega created Moto-Cross (later rebranded as Fonz) which provide relatively successful, particularly for introducing a third-person perspective (Uncharted fans, you have these guys to thank!) as well as haptic vibration feedback. Also in 1976, Atari released the classic Night Driver, a video of which can be seen below (FYI, the yellow car is actually a plastic insert put into the casing of the cabinet and does not move)…

Uploaded by Umma6umma

In 1980, Namco released Rally-X with a few new revolutionary improvements, such as scrolling along both axes, a basic version of radar so that you could determine your position and background music. In 1981, Sega released Turbo, which is widely recognised as the first racing game to use the trademark third-person view that is the default for almost every driving game since.
But it wan’t until the next year (1982) that things would change in a pivotal improvement, as Namco released Pole Position to Universal acclaim and high popularity. The game created the template for the third-person positioning view that is the default for most driving games today, as well as AI-controlled opponents, a time trial qualifying lap and collisions that would make your cars explode. In 1984, Nintendo would release Excitebike, which allowed for excellent customisation of tracks, and even though it was not a driving game in the same vein as the aforementioned examples, it helped properly introduce me to the genre.

In 1985, Sega released Hang On to wide acclaim, but it was not until 1986 that they found their sweet spot with OutRun – an impressive game that still wows gamers today. Take a look at this video and you can see how hectic this game can get…

Uploaded by Annoyboy

Fast-forward to 1992 and we start seeing a lot of diversity – some become more realistic, such as Virtua Racing, which still maintained an arcade quality but twinned this with vivid polygonal graphics and a true sense of speed. But this was also the year that Nintendo would release their massively popular series, Mario Kart, which combined a competitive arcade style with cartoonish fun and graphics. I had previously enjoyed a heck of a lot of fun with Road Rash on the Mega Drive, but Namco then released Ridge Racer in 1993 and Sega followed with Daytona, thus beginning the war of producing realistic polygonal driving games, followed by The Need For Speed in 1994.

It was in 1997 that the still-popular series of Gran Turismo began on the Playsation, closely followed by other greats such as Midtown Madness and Colin McRae Rally, all of which featured realised car models of famous brands, such as . This marked the beginning of a slew of highly visually realised driving games – however there were complaints at the time that these games had little soul. I had tried my hardest to like these games, but there was only one driving game that I was still enjoying…
In 1996, Destruction Derby 2 was released on the Playstation, proving a huge improvement over the first instalment – and it made me fall in love with racing games all over again – many an hour was spent in the destruction bowl trying to blow up my opponents whilst being bewildered by the slightly terrifying thrash metal soundtrack. But, eventually I got bored with this and I lost all interest in the genre. That was until…

Burnout… I am only talking about Burnout 2, Takedown and Revenge as I have yet to play any others (well, except Paradise but that was just terrible) but it’s a fantastic sensation that smashing into the side of the lead car and watching him veer into a wall and crash in slow motion. This was, for me, the perfect racing experience – marrying arcade fun with handling realism in a fast-paced and cleverly designed environment. It’s just unfortunate that I’ve not since found a game that did this so well (and yes I have played Split/Second and Hot Pursuit).
So in a beautifully-rendered world of next-gen driving games such as Forza and GT5, we could say that we have come a long long way, but if you look at the base of it, Speed Freak, Speed Race and Night Driver already had the formula down, back in the 1970s. Add some HD textures, busier environments and smoother scrolling and you’re pretty much at the modern games of today.

Night Driver vs Gran Turismo 5

Also for a decent demo of what a 1970s game would look like if it were modernised in a stylish environment, try out Drivey.com and for the best experience, press F5, F3 and 1.

If you have any information you’d like to add or just want to recommend another decent driving game I should try, feel free to leave a comment/reply below on the site.
Well, I’m out for now, will post another blog soon,
Mia Mitchell x

Candidato a la presidencia del Perú 2011
Óscar Luis Castañeda Lossio
 (Chiclayo, 21 de junio de 1945) 

Es un político y abogado peruano. Fue Alcalde de Lima de enero de  2003 a octubre de 2010, fecha en que renuncia al cargo para postular a la Presidencia de la República en las elecciones generales del Perú de 2011.
Es el fundador y presidente del Partido Solidaridad Nacional.
Es el menor de nueve hermanos, hijo de Ida Lossio y de Carlos Castañeda Iparraguirre, quien fuera alcalde de la ciudad de Chiclayo.
En 1985, se casó con Rosario Pardo. Este matrimonio tiene dos hijos: Luis Castañeda Pardo y Darío Castañeda Pardo, quien fue elegido regidor en Lima Metropolitana por el 
Partido Popular Cristiano para el período 2011 – 2014.
Realizó sus estudios de primaria y secundaria en el colegio particular Manuel Pardo de Chiclayo.Al terminar, se traslada a Lima para ingresar a la facultad de Derecho de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, donde obtiene el título de Abogado.
Tiene estudios de postgrado en el Centro de Altos Estudios Militares del Perú.Gestión privada y pública.

Ehttp://comoquisiera7777.blogspot.comn 1980 es electo regidor de la Municipalidad de Lima por Acción Popular, trabajando paralelamente en el Banco Industrial del Perú, donde llega a ser gerente administrativo. En ese período promueve la re-ubicación de los Ambulantes de Lima en los mercados Polvos Azules y Amazonas.Reelecto regidor metropolitano vota a favor de la creación de EMAPE.

De 1990 a 1996 fue Presidente Ejecutivo del

Actividad política      Funda Partido de Solidaridad Nacional.
Partido Solidaridad Nacional con el que postula sin éxito a la presidencia del Perú en las elecciones generales del Perú de 2000, en la cual resulta ganador Alberto Fujimori. Actualmente muchos de los actores políticos que participaron en el fraude de las elecciones del año 2000 vienen siendo procesados.1 En estas elecciones Castañeda Lossio obtiene 1.8% de la votación.
Es electo alcalde de Lima en el 2002, donde postula con la alianza. 
Unidad Nacional, ganando a su contendor más cercano, el entonces alcalde en ejercicio
Alberto Andrade, y fue reelecto para un segundo mandato en las elecciones municipales de Lima de 2006, desde entonces, las obras más aplaudidas y criticadas han sido, la linea 1 del COSAC, llamada El Metropolitano, el convenio con entidades privadas para el funcionamiento de los Hospitales de la Solidaridad, la construcción de escaleras amarillas (llamadas Escaleras Solidarias),  así  como  la remodelación de clubes ecológicos de Lima.
En octubre del 2010, renuncia a la alcaldía de Lima para postular nuevamente a la presidencia del país en las elecciones generales del Perú de 2011.
Durante los últimos meses de gestión, recibió serias acusaciones de enriquecimiento ilícito y corrupción por el caso “Comunicore”.  Asimismo, se le ha criticado la demora en la construcción y el sobrecosto de su proyecto de transporte El Metropolitano, cuyo presupuesto se duplicó y cuya finalización se dio en el 2010, a pesar de que su inauguración estaba prevista para el año 2005.
También ha sido criticado por la inclusión de su nombre en gran parte de las obras realizadas durante su gestión con fines políticos, hecho que ha justificado declarando que “se debe saber quién hizo la obra”. Además de su nombre, también se cuestiona el uso de la palabra “Solidaridad” en obras realizadas durante sus 8 años de gestión, como las “Escaleras Solidarias” o los “Hospitales de la Solidaridad”, en clara alusión a su partido
Solidaridad Nacional. En el 2010 recibe en Italia el premio NGV Champion Awards 
por sus logros en la implementación de gas natural en Lima.
Ha recibido las llaves de las ciudades de 
Miami, Taipéi, Bogotá y San José, así como la Medalla de la Ciudad de Santiago de Chile recibe la ORDEN DEL SOL. 

This is my first blog

Chrysanth WebStory Published by WebStory

Of all of the existing drinks, wine can be considered to be the to the highest degree famed one because of their important roles that it served throughout time in political circles, religious traditions, social gatherings as well as medicative orbits. So, wine has been universally had since then. While countries all over the world have advanced wine making methods to boot for, a dateless winemaking custom is still applied in the lowly yet tempting realm of Campania, Southern Italian Republic.

The words pizza pie, Amalfi Coast and Naples instantaneously spring to mind when the place Campania is named but more than these things, the small region is in fact the home of Italys greatly treasured wineries.
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